a print only 'zine containing personal accounts and thoughts of those who attended the Welcome to the Dark Ages event staged by the JAMs / KLF in Liverpool, on the 23rd to 25th August 2017

A5, 32 pages, colour and black & white, printed on 130 gsm paper, thirty contributions in written, photographic and graphical forms

1st edition of 200 copies sold from 14:23 on 11/11/2017
2nd edition 1st batch of 50 copies sold from 23:23 on 15/11/2017
2nd edition 2nd batch of 49 copies sold from 23:23 on 17/11/2017

all editions sold out

1st edition copies printed on silk paper stock, 2nd editions on uncoated

all copies are uniquely stamped
1st editions in red, 2nd editions in black,
the 23rd and 223rd copies, stamped uniquely inside

sold at 14:23 on 15/11/2017 the first copy went to Glasgow, the last, sold at 01:17 on 19/11/2017 went to London. the final, 300th copy was uncermenoniousy burnt, the digital files have been destroyed

only print now exists

print copies are now located in:

Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweeden, USA and UK

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